Wedding day Dog


Now you can have your best friend involved in your big day without the stress and hassle.
Tailored packages are personalised for you and your dog.


We will:

  • Collect your dog from your home, relatives house, kennels...wherever your dog is staying whilst you are getting married or why not let your dog stay with us in our boutique accommodation before the big day.

  • Walk your dog on the day before coming to the wedding (to burn off a bit of energy so he or she isn’t too excitable and restless!)

  • Give your best friend a brush and quick groom - we can simply give your dog a quick brush and tidy up, or if you want, a wash at the same time too.

  • Bring your K9 pal to the wedding venue in time for the wedding photographs

  • Look after and handle your dog whilst at the wedding venue

  • Give your dog a walking number two after being at the wedding...depending on how tired or energetic your dog is, we can have a simple bush walk or even a blast in the park with a favourite toy.

  • Return your dog to your home, relative’s house, kennels, etc.

  • If necessary feed and sit with your loyal friend for a few hours until bedtime.

  • Prices for this package vary depending on individual requirements. You may want an additional walk, a full grooming session or simply a collect, visit and drop back off again.


A small price to pay to have your only missing friend there on your wedding day. 


Vary depending on package/distance.

Please call to have a chat regarding what you need for your special day.




Mobile: 0481 235 077 (Grace)




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