5 winter warmers for your best friend!

It’s a common belief that dogs “don’t feel the cold” or are immune (because of their fur) to the cold winter days/nights, that’s untrue. They are still susceptible to hyperthermia and frostbite just like us.


Following these easy steps can help your pet stay warm this winter.



  • Keep dogs inside…

It is true that some longhaired dogs such as malamutes or huskies are bread to be outside and can withstand the cold better however no dog should be left unattended outside for a long time.


  • Let them choose…

Just like us they regulate there body temperature so giving them different comfortable bedding options at different locations around your house will help them change depending on there needs and wants. (My dog loves right next to the heater however he cant stay there for too long as he gets overheated so I offer him another spot a little further away so when he gets to hot he has somewhere comfortable to sleep.)


  • Coats, coats and more coats…

Yes, just like us they need coast sometimes too. This is a perfect time to start coat training with your dog, as they will want to wear it. Look for comfort over style though as if this is a new thing for your dog he/she want think how pretty it is if it’s uncomfortable and neither will your wallet if he/she rips it up.


  • Over feeding…

I have been guilty of this sometimes too but, overfeeding your dog in the winter can be a lot more harmful then we relies. Arthritis is a big problem during winter and overfeeding your dog and allowing them to put on excess wait could be very detrimental as our dog’s joints and limbs are then carrying more weight and therefore adding pressure to already sore areas. 


  • Cuddles…

I think we can all manage this last one! 



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April 9, 2015

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