Is food slowly killing your pet?!?!?!

April 15, 2015


We all need food to stay alive including our dogs however, I have had an unbalievable response to a quick question what food do you feed your dog and why? The following is just some questions I got. I then decided to write a blog on it so that everyone could enjoy the answers so here is some infomation about food and how it is slowly killing our pets. Please remeber I am not a vet or a nutritionist I am very interested in this topic and have resently started a pet nutrition coarse because its so close to my heart. I feel the sorrow of people loosing there dogs and pets too soon because of something they thought was the right choice for there beloved family member! Below is information regarding dog food it is not a one sided argument as I dont believe this helps the confussion but makes it worse. It is articles hat you can look into yourself so please do as it could save your dogs life! 


Please read and share to help get this out there!


Is eatting two minute noodles every day the same as eatting fresh fruit and vegetables?

What about cooking it for our pets, thats love right?

Dose my vet actually give me the best advice?

who can I trust?

If some foods are bad for our dogs then why are they available?

what is the best and the worst foods?





A few things you dont want to see in your dogs food!

  • Meat by-products, digest. Meat by-products, especially those not specified as a certain kind of meat (chicken, beef, turkey, etc.), contain unsavory ingredients ground into the mix during processing like beaks, feathers, feet, hooves, hair, entrails – even tumors. The exception would be by-products derived from human grade organ meats like liver and kidney. 
  • Poor quality, incomplete proteins. These include corn gluten meal, wheat gluten meal, rice protein concentrate and soy protein. 
  • Formulas containing corn or soy. Corn is a cheap filler ingredient with no nutritional value. It is also a known allergenic. Soy is estrogenic and can wreak havoc on your dog's endocrine system. 
  • BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin, propyl gallate. These are all artificial preservatives. Ethoxyquin is banned from use in human foods, but is used to preserve the fish meal found in many pet food formulas. You won't find it on your pet food label because it is added before the fish meal arrives at the manufacturing facility. When considering dog foods containing fish, look for written manufacturer assurance on the label or web site that the fish meal does not contain ethoxyquin. Otherwise, assume that it does or contact the manufacturer directly to inquire.

    Look for foods preserved with vitamins C and E, also called tocopherols.
  • Artificial colors, flavors, sugars, sweeteners or propylene glycol.



Dr Clare Middle -

(Real Food for Cats and Dogs)

Clare's book I found fantastic and I got so much out of it. It is a great small book that i can refer back to or re-read lots of times and still get something out of it!


Dr Ian Billinghurst -

(Give Your Dog a Bone)

Ian's book I found was more suited to vets or someone with a science background however is a great book with a lot of information. 


Actual Product Label Comparison of a High Quality and a Poor Quality Dog Food can be found at:


Plese have a read of this articule mentioned above it is so good!



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