Be prepared for what comes next with your puppy!

April 8, 2015



What do you think when you here the word puppy????


Lets take a look at the puppy stages to help us understand more about

what a puppy actually is.


1)Neonatal period (0-2 Weeks)-
Although Puppies can touch and taste at birth, thats about it. This period is when they are most influenced by there mother. They will start to lern some simple social skills, coordiantion and ranking processes but mostly they will just eat. (Every two hours.)


2)Transitional period (2-4 Weeks)-
This is where we start to see them open their eye, stand and walk. Remember that their sence of smell and hearing is developing during this period of time as well as wagging tails, teeth and barking!


3)Socialization period (4-12 Weeks)-
This is a very important time period for your little puppy. We need to introduce them to other people and dogs. They will start to really enjoy play time so watch out! Positive experiences with people at this point in time will set them up for how to interact in the future. It is very important that we leave them with their mother untill 8 weeks so they learn play biting and other dog "cues" from their mother and brothers and sisters.
*week 7 - You should be able to start house-training your puppy.
*week 8 to 10 - Your puppy will go through a "fear" period (this is compleatly normal) 
*week 9 to 12 - This is the best time to start training your puppy as they are like spunges, they soak up everything.


4)Ranking period (3-6 Months)-
Your puppy is now learning ranking and dominance or submission. Teething issues happen now so try to be patient.


5)Adolescence period (6-18 Months)-
Your puppy is now very well aware that they are in a pack and their behaviour will be majorly influenced by the pack. (Both people and dogs.) Be aware that your puppy will be challenging the boundaries at this stage in their life and that we need to be firm with our rules to help achieve balance and harmany in their life. Dogs that are not desexed will start to show sexual behaviour during this period. 

By understanding the differant stages in our puppies life we are able to be prepared and handle them in a positive and balanced way.



Enjoy your puppies, have fun and bring balance to your life and your dogs by being a great leader!

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