August 19, 2014

Swimming your dog.

Swimming is a great exercise for you and your dog, in fact it actually activates and works a muscle found in the back leg of your dog that isn't activated by any other form of physical exercise!


1 minutes worth of swimming = about 4 minutes of running so this means 1/4 of your normal exercise time.


If your dog has trouble swimming there are some great tools out to help including doggy life vests. Check out the link below to find a store near you that sells tools to help. Please remember to always seek help from a professional dog trainer or vet if you are having trouble introducing your dog to the water to make sure you don’t end up with a scared and frightened dog.


For working dogs, such as rescue, police, drug enforcement, and seeing-eye dogs, swimming helps them improve their spirits and mental wellbeing!


Many veterinarians recommend swimming in warm water as an ideal form of therapeutic exercise for dogs. Research indicates that swimming in warm water can help dogs, significantly decrease recovery time from injuries and decreases pain.


Swimming is used in for therapy and the rehabilitation of various dog issues such as; arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament tears, orthopedic surgery, stroke, paralysis, muscle degeneration, and pre/post surgical conditioning. It is used because it is a low impact exercise and great for the mind. (Easier on joints and great for older dogs or injuries.)



In the case of an overweight dog, it can be difficult to give him/her enough exercise without over-stressing bones and joints. Swimming is gentle on bones and joints and is very low impact, its actually supporting your dog whilst still allowing your dog to exercise just like a big supportive suit on a treadmill, which will burn calories and improve your dogs metabolic rate. Swimming can help get obese dogs to their optimum weights. (Great news for anyone struggling with an over weight dog.)


Whether your dog is healthy and you would like him to have fun while exercising, you need to help improve an old injury, build or strip weight or muscle, or just that one day a week you may have less time and this means you can still do something with your best friend or your dog has physical health issues swimming will help him/her improve range of motion, mobility, over-all body condition and lift his spirits.  Why not try it out???






There are some companies that use this to there advantages, this is great as a dog trainer and psychologist it is such a great feeling to know that there are people out there helping to care for our pets e.g.




SO as Dori would say:



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