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July 31, 2014



Nutrition is very important for every living thing. Poor nutrition leads to death. When it comes to dogs its no different. I believe a balanced diet is the key to good nutrition, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and raw meat. I always ask my self the question "If I wasn’t around what would my dog be eating?" This helps me as nutrition for dogs is a multi million dollar industry, therefore advertising and recommendations as well as too much information in one hit come easy but its not always easy to make up your own mind.


As a dog psychologist and trainer nutrition is one of my high interests. I always try to find as much information on this topic as I possibly can. For me the answer is a fresh/raw diet with plenty of protein and no added flavors, colours or preservatives.  Vitamins and minerals are of coarse essential.


There are also some studies that suggest dogs that have server grass and wheat allergies can be helped by changing there food because you may be giving them the allergy from the inside out without even revising it! 


When choosing the right dog food for your friend ask yourself this:


"Could I live a healthy, balanced and happy life off packet food?"


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