Doggy Adentures
(At the beach & walk / train adventure)


Doggy adventure sessions are a great way to help you save time during your day. Let us exercise the dog for you and all you have to do is come home to a relaxed dog who is happy and balanced. 



Doggy adventure sessions are a great way to help get that excess energy out of your puppy or adolescent dog. It even helps with behavioural problems such as: Pulling clothes off the line, excess barking and much more, and can even help you avoid getting a noise complaint.


What can I request to be trained?:

Training options are endless too. Pretty much anything you can think of (within your dog's limitations) we can train so get creative. 

Loose leash walking

Basic Obedience 



backend awareness 

Recall (come back to me) 

And so much more! 


When can I do this?:

Once a week, once a fortnight, once a month or a one-off the options are endless.

Coffs Harbour = Tuesday or Saturday  

Grafton = Wednesday  




What is involved?:

Pick up - from your home (you do not need to be there.)

Work out - Walk with our trainer and park or beach time  

Training and exercise - all at the same time

Drop off - to your home or work (you do not need to be there.)



Only $65 for a full hour.     


How do I book?:

Send us an e-mail to

Phone us on 0481 235 077


Limited spots available so please get in soon to ensure you do not miss out! 



Mobile: 0481 235 077 (Grace)




Youtube: k9 class dog training