Private consultation


Private consultations are personalised for you & your dog.


Why choose a Private Consult?

  • Busy lifestyle/time-poor?

  • Aggression management?

  • Separation anxiety? 

  • Barking?

  • Fears & phobias?

  • Door charging/space invading?

  • Toilet training?

  • Digging/Chewing/Destructive Behaviour?

  • Crate Training?

  • Pulling Clothes off the Line?

  • Chasing Cars/Bikes/livestock/poultry etc?

  • Escaping?

  • Leash Aggression?

  • Bath Time Issues?

  • Handling issues? 

  • General obedience?

  • Recall?  

Private consultations are a great way to solve problems around your home.  We adapt lessons around your busy work schedule. We specialise in aggression therapy and fears/Phobias.   


We will guide you in achieving a healthy, happy relationship with your dog. 


Aggression management classes are done through private visits with a unique package, tailored to you and your dog's needs, including a busy work or home life schedule. 


If you think private visits are right for you to call or e-mail me so that we can get your family on the way to having a happy, balanced and healthier pet!


Please call today to take the first step towards a happier, healthier more balanced dog! 

Prices -

Initial Session $150 - $200 per hour

Follow up session $100 - $150 per hour  



Mobile: 0481 235 077 (Grace)




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