Dog Massage

Treatment for your dog!

We use a range of remedial & therapeutic massage techniques to give your dog the benefits.


beneficial functions including:

  • Improving circulation and therefore the range of movement. 

  • Reducing scar tissue.

  • Releasing tight muscles.

  • Eliminating waste and detoxifying, improving oxygen and lymphatic flow.

  • Lubricating the fascia and aiding organs to function better.

  • Great for older and arthritic dogs.

  • let's not forget, just like us humans enjoy a nice relaxing massage, so too do our four-footed companions.

 Our range of remedial & therapeutic massage techniques: 

  • Bowen therapy

  • T-Touch

  • acupressure points

  • Cross Fiber mobilization





If you have a competition, sporting, agility or racing dog  - it may be in need of some extra attention to keep them running at peak performance.

Perhaps your dog is getting older and becomes stiff or lame after exercise. A good massage will help Fido keep supply and take away the aches and pains.

Or maybe you just want to treat your dog to a little bit of pampering and some extra TLC.

K9 Class provides professional massage in your home so your furry friend feels comfortable in its own surroundings.

Most massages run for about one hour depending on the size of the dog and how co-operative the 'client' is. 
Special rates are available for those booking 5 or more sessions at a time.

Prices start at $30 for half an hour (small dogs only)
or $60 for a full hour (medium to large dogs)


Mobile: 0481 235 077 (Grace)




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