Assistance or Service / Therapy


Private consultations to help you train a Therapy dog or personal assistance/service dog.

An assistance dog (also known as a service dog) is covered by the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992. An assistance dog is trained to assist their handler in public and is guaranteed access to all public places including shopping centres, hospitals, public transport and restaurants. According to this Act, an assistance dog is trained to alleviate the effect of a disability and must meet standards of hygiene and behaviour. 

Please note ** Under the Civil Aviation Act, airlines are able to legally refuse access to assistance dogs if they believe the dog is a threat to the safety of the plane.


Psychiatric assistance dogs -  EG Anxiety, depression, mental health.

Physical assistance dogs - EG Hearing Alert, wheelchair help, balance.

Medical alert dogs


We recommend minimum of 1 session per week for 12 months however different people and different dogs take different times to pass a PAT test. 

Prices -

Initial Session $150 p/h

PAT Test $150 p/h

PAT + Paperwork $200 p/h

Follow up session $100 p/h

We can also help with different funding options eg NDIS 



Mobile: 0481 235 077 (Grace)




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