We all need food to stay alive including our dogs however, I have had an unbalievable response to a quick question what food do you feed your dog and why? The following is just some questions I got. I then decided to write a blog on it so that everyone could enjoy the...


How Can You Use Animals to Heal?

1.) Talk to Your Pet: this allows you to get problems off your chest without fear of judgement. Studies have shown that speaking to your pet can help you feel understood, comforted and secure.


2.) Stroke Your Pet: the act of stroking ha...


K9 Class are very happy to announce that we will be coming to Woolgoolga, Coffs Harbour and Grafton!


We are very excited about this move and will be there at the end of next week so if you would like to book in a session with Grace to help your dog become Happy, Healt...





Animals in nature spend lots of time hunting and foraging for food. Dogs these days have great lives, they don't however get to use their hunting and problem solving skills, as much as they should. we hand them there food in a bowl.


Many dogs sp...



What do you think when you here the word puppy????


Lets take a look at the puppy stages to help us understand more about what a puppy actually is.


1)Neonatal period (0-2 Weeks)-
Although Puppies can touch and taste at birth, thats about it. This period is when they a...

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K9 Class dog training has been involved with many differant rescue organisations. PLease if you are thinking of getting a new dog or puppy think about the thousands that need homes in shelters and or rescue groups. 


Some people think that dogs in shelters or rescue gro...

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April 9, 2015

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