About us

Orlando (K9)

Orlando has been trained to have exceptional dog social skills. He is a helper dog for many lost K9 souls. He is a very special dog himself who finds joy in helping dogs who are scared or nervous gain confidence in becoming his friend. He has learned how to regulate his energy and understands the importance of taking things slow. He helps grace communicate with their clients/friends mainly in aggression / fearful cases  



  • Passed PAT

  • Learned to regulate his energy 

  • Exceptional general obedience

  • Clicker trained

  • Assistance skill trained

  • Scent fun trained

  • Great social etiquette 

  • Super social skills

  • Helper to all

  • Friend to all  



Grace (Human)

Orlando and I have been studying and training with some of the best canine trainers in the world and we are super excited to be able to share the knowledge we have with anyone who is ready to take their relationship to the next level.



  • Certificate III Dog Behaviour & Training (NDTF)

  • Certified raw dog food nutrition specialist

  • Certificate in Treatment and prevention of dog aggression

  • Certificate in Dog Psychology & Training

  • Certificate in Remedial and Therapeutic Pet Massage

  • Certificate in Crucial concepts in dog behavior and training

  • Certificate in Dog CPR and first aid

  • Member of International Association for Canine Professionals (IACP)

Our goal is to help everyone learn how to communicate with their k9 effectively to bring balance and harmony to your relationship. We love helping you achieve a balanced pet dog that you can take anywhere and do anything with and in return help improve your lifestyle!  


We love to help you to understand the importance of emotional balance (yes, dogs have emotions too), physical strength, health, vitality and the art of mastering relationship. 

I will show you how to help your dog conquer and reduce their fears and find solutions to your everyday problems. You will also learn how to influence good behaviours and change how your dog thinks and feels about negative factors. We will discuss your dog's history, environment and goals that you want to achieve. Much of what I do is communicate these needs between owner and dog. 

We at K9 Class understand how a problematic dog can affect your life. K9 Class has helped many clients reclaim their lifestyle back. 


Unlike frustratingly trying to train your dog yourself, partnering with K9 Class will help you to identify the causes of the problems and give you the skills to manage them. You and your family will then be able to enjoy the lifestyle you want with a happy, healthy, balanced dog. 


Mobile: 0481 235 077 (Grace)
Email: grace@k9classdogtraining.com

Website: www.k9classdogtraining.com

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