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Owner's recommend us!

"Absolutely Fantastic"

Grace is absolutely fantastic! We are seeing massive improvements in Bailey and it has only been 4 sessions! He has a bit of a way to go but we have every confidence that with Grace’s help and outstanding knowledge we will have a more relaxed and happy boy! Grace is extremely patient both with Bailey and ourselves, and always finds the best techniques to fit both Bailey and our lifestyle. She is always encouraging us to do better and isn’t afraid to offer assistance when we do something wrong or have any questions (there is always a lot of questions! Sorry Grace!!!) Grace takes the time to explain why she teaches certain techniques and explains the benefits and changes we will see over time. She is a genuine down to earth person who clearly leaves no question in your mind that she is passionate about her job and truely loves dogs.

"Knows her stuff"

Grace knows her stuff!! Having a very strong, determined puppy, i struggled to leave the yard, as i didn't know what to do! So how was i going to communicate to my puppy what i expected of her outside of our yard. Leaving the security of our home was so daunting that i kept putting it off. Along comes Grace. We have weekly training dates that we both look forward to, and even though we are still learning, we are both happy & confident leaving our yard. We love her positive training approach and cannot recommend her highly enough!!

"Passionate and understanding"

We cannot speak highly enough of Grace. One session so far with our rescue greyhound and we have learnt a lot. Grace is not only extremely knowledgeable and learned but so passionate and understanding of all things ‘dog’.

Marjie Ashcroft

Sharon Davis

Lara Owers